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Individual Factors

Our professional team at Pure Fusion IV Lounge in Las Vegas has a close relationship with our preferred pharmacy that has been helping patients to get healthy and manage their weight in the local area for decades. Many patients have trouble losing weight and are unable to control and get to their desired weight level. We understand that every patient is different and unique in their weight management situation, so we take the time to identify individual factors with every patient in order to figure out what is contributing to their weight gain or inability to lose weight.

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Common Issues

At Pure Fusion IV Lounge, we work on weight loss consultations, some of the issues we consider include:

  1. Insulin Resistance – As a major health problem in the United States and a common reason for fat accumulation and insulin/glucose imbalance in the body, our team provides a variety of programs and weight control supplements to help patients overcome this.
  2. Food Choices – We take a consultative approach to help you figure out what is a healthy meal and how to make the right choices wen it comes to confusing food nutritional information available in public.
  3. Hormonal Imbalances – This affects both men and women. In women, usually deficiencies in female hormones affect the body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat, leading to weight increases. In men, a decline in testosterone levels might show metabolism, which can lead to weight gain and an increase in cholesterol levels.
  4. Thyroid Imbalance – Normal thyroid levels can moderate body temperature, carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. We can help with optimizing any issues that are causing thyroid imbalance.
  5. Toxic Levels – If your body is having trouble detoxifying, you may need to consultation on how to let your body detox in order to stay healthy. This can contribute to significant weight loss. Many patients lose about 10 pounds or more a year after detoxing.
  6. Stress Levels – Stress leads to overeating. By helping patients control their stress levels, we are able to help them regulate food caloric intake and fat burning.
  7. Food Allergies – Certain foods such as wheat, grains, dairy, soy, and eggs may cause inflammation and the lack of weight loss in certain patients.
  8. Lack of Exercise – Exercising and muscle building can increase a person’s metabolism, leading to weight loss. We encourage patients with proper exercise and diet.

At Pure Fusion IV Lounge, we provide all sorts of testing and consultative services in conjunction with your primary care provider in order to help you lose weight.